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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Toddler, Say What?!

I receive weekly emails on the development of my baby from  I started subscribing to these emails when I was pregnant and Rhys was smaller than a little raisin.  This is the very place that I learned he was smaller than a raisin and as big as a cantaloupe, ect.  These weekly emails inform me on my baby's development and they assure me every time I start to question and compare Rhys to other little ones that are around us.

Today I received me weekly email and they have officially stopped calling Rhys a baby.  He has graduated into the toddler world. What?!  A toddler?!  This guy isn't a toddler...

Maybe they are right.  Even though it pains me to say it, he does act more like a toddler - even a big boy at times - than a baby.  He is starting to want to do things for himself, things I never thought would be possible after the fits he threw. 

For example, this little guy l-o-v-e-s bath time.  And we can even take a bath without a swim diaper on now! Whooohooo!  He splishes and splashes all over my freshly mopped floor.  But this momma doesn't mind one bit.

He took an ever so brief time out from playing with his toys to glance my way.  You can tell how much fun he was having by the current in the water below.

I know I have posted about these letters before, but Rhys just adores his magnetic letters.  Maybe even more than baths.  Oh how I hope he continues to love letters.  

They are our first stop every morning, even before his breakfast - a banana, or "na na na na" as Rhys calls it these days.

And I will leave you with a picture I just adore of my baby, toddler. :)


  1. Boy, he does make big waves in that tub. Your floor will be ever so clean after you mop up every day. And last of all--he is still just a baby to his Nannie!

  2. How adorable! Rhys just gets cuter everytime I see him! And he was proving himself a toddler tonight! He was a perfect gentleman!

  3. He can walk. He can pick things up. As far as I'm concerned, he can start doing laundry.