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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Texas Winters

The past few days have been just beautiful.  I must say, there are times when I ask my husband, "why did we pick this place to live?!" I say this often during the summer and the heat is unbearable.  However, seeing my cousin's most recent post, I am very thankful for our wonderful Texas winters.

The past few days have been unseasonably warm - and thank goodness because Rhys and I have had a bit of cabin fever.  As a cure, we headed to the park.  Here are a few shots of our fun time in the tunnel.

I'll wrap things up with this, Rhys' new fun pose...


  1. Those smiles are so rare these days.

  2. He does like those tunnels! I hope he will feel back to normal soon!

  3. I would do ANYTHING for Texas weather right now!!! :)

  4. I FOUND you!!!
    For some reason, I couldn't get the address to work...but now it is.

    I've missed you and the exploits in TX!