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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Cousins Weekend

We traveled to Lubbock this weekend for my great aunt's 80th birthday party.  I was so excited to go to the party because Rhys was finally going to meet his cousin, Connor!  We don't have much family close by, so I jump at any chance Rhys has to hang out with his cousins; I think it is so important for him to be surrounded by family as much as he possibly can.


I just love his momma (even though she is an aggie!) - you should check out her blog.  The two little boys didn't quite know what to do with one another.  We had them pose for a few pictures...can you believe that Rhys is only three months younger?  We need to start feeding him spinach and bulking him up so that one day, he can be as big as Connor!

Poor little Rhys has been cutting molars, four to be exact. He couldn't keep his fingers out of his mouth the entire night because of these lovely newcomers!

Rhys has also been spending a lot of time working on his walking skills.  He has been walking for months now, but he is really starting to be able to walk places other than between mommy and the couch, ect.  Here he is strutting his stuff:

And just because I love his smile:


  1. He is getting so big! and so handsome!! Looks like you're doing a great job there Momma!

  2. Marina, That first picture is adorable, I love Rhys' expression. He is such a little boy, not a baby anymore. And I love that last picture, what a cute smile! I'm sure he is getting faster and faster with his walking and you are one exhausted momma at the end of the day! Glad he could hang out with his cousin. I am loving your recipes, keep 'em coming. Haven't cooked any of them yet but I plan to. ;-)

  3. He does love to practice his walking, and climbing. Sunday evening he wanted to step off the step onto the patio, walk around a little, and then crawl back up the step, and do it all over again. That's what it takes to get good, and he knows it. And he does have the cutest smile. Hugs from Nannie.

  4. it!! So glad we got to see y'all! Rhys is adorable, and it was a lot of fun catching up with you! I know the feeling about not having much family stinks living so far away!! Thanks for sharing the pictures.

  5. How precious these boys are! It was so much fun to see the boys walking around together.

  6. Rhys is such a huge dork! I've doomed him!