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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Please Don't Hate Me

Please don't be mad at me. I know I have been a thorn in your side when it comes to my blog address.  But, this is very good news to me.  So, I apologize for you having to change everything, yet again.

But...we are back at our old blog site!  I am SUPER excited. You know, you like all of your memories to be in one place - at least I do. I am in the process of moving over my postings from this last month into my old site.  Plus the other site is linked to my monogramming site, so this is much easier for me.

I happened to tell my friend Bryan about my picture situation.  He showed me how to host my pictures at another site so this way, it won't matter how many pictures I upload. And guess what, it worked!! YAY for smart friends like Bryan.  

So this will be my last post at this site.  Please join us at our old site: for future updates.  Again, I am so sorry!!!!

And for your patience with is the last picture of the little guy on this site:


  1. i wondered why you changed in the first place!!

  2. You're definitely a dentist's wife. You need patience, but I need patients. Loves you!!!